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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Clara Oswin Oswald

Clara Oswin Oswald.  One of the complexities of the show, naturally, as she was created to be.  Some will look to the episodes mentioning things familiar for her, however that is not where to look.  Look for the more obscure.  A theory that is strong in my mind is simple, really, but not one people would think of.  How many of you out there remember the flesh doppelgangers?   Imagine if there were a more advanced form wherein the consciousness could be in multiple bodies at the same time.  The bodies a bit stronger than human bodies, yet still very capable of death and disaster.  The bodies would be virtually human, yet identical with each other, scattered throughout time.  Death is more difficult, but it still happens, but there are new bodies there to fill the place.  Basic knowledge, but no capability to remember what the previous body learned.  Because of that, she has to tell the Doctor to remember, because she knows that she can't.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Master Clock

I know I bugged you all only a few hours ago with the fact that they kept mentioning time, but I've noticed another thing.  I rewatched the Season 3 finale, where the Master says
"Never could resist a ticking clock"
Ticking in the last episode, 'Tick Tock goes the clock', mentions of the Master's return...  
Anyone else thinking what I'm thinking?

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Time is Passing

Tick tock goes the clock,
The Ponds are getting older
Tick tock don't you see
The Doctor's going to leave them

Amy and Rory aren't companions, they're family.  The Doctor's been in his 900s for over 5 years, but in about a year, he's passed 300 years.  They keep bringing up Amy and Rory's end.  They're easing us into an ending, whether the Ponds' or the Doctor's.

In A Town Called Mercy, there was a ticking in the background, anyone notice?  Of course, it might be nothing, but very rarely will there be something in there that isn't important

Monday, May 28, 2012

The Existence of Melody Pond

Okay, so let's go back to Big Bang 2.  River gave Amy the diary to remind her, but let's think about something here.  Aside from the obvious 'how-did-she-get-there?' bit.  How about 'how-does-she-exist'?

Melody was taken as a child, because of the Doctor.  She got to London when her parents were children, and set them up.  Amy told her her alias.  The Doctor gave her the TARDIS diary.  Amy and Rory conceived her on the TARDIS.

Once the universe erased the Doctor, did Amy and Rory even get together?  If they did, how could their daughter grow up and arrive at their wedding, before her own conception?  And how would she find the diary?  Mysteriously found in a gift shop?

Sunday, April 15, 2012

The TARDIS's son-in-law

"You are not my mother!"
"And you are not my son"
        ~The Doctor's Wife

River Song is the daughter of the TARDIS and the wife of the Doctor, making the Doctor the TARDIS's son-in-law.  So, in fact, the TARDIS is the Doctor's mother by marriage.  She didn't see that coming, did she?

Just a Theory...

Rumours have been spread around the internet for a while now about the Doctor becoming a woman, but recently, Steven Moffat himself hinted at it.  Moffat has also acknowledged that River Song and Jack Harkness have the same gun and vortex manipulator.  So say somehow River regains regeneration and turns into Jack?  Moffat would not spend so long building a relationship to turn the Doctor female and ruin it.  So what if the Doctor turned female and then discovered that Jack and River were one and the same?  They could continue their relationship in the normal way, just with a gender swap

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Silent Interference

"Amy, this isn't any old asteroid. It's the Delerium Archive, final resting
place of the headless monks, the biggest museum ever"

The headless monks are mentioned in The Time of the Angels. The museum where
River's message was.  The monks work for the Silence.  The Silence was using Riverto kill the Doctor.  Is it possible that they were working behind the scenes, trying to kill the Doctor in different ways?  If so, sending him to a cave filled with
Weeping Angels would be a pretty good way to do it.  And a good disguise.
Use River without her knowing.  That box wasn't there by coincidence.  The
Silence placed it there to kill the Doctor. They failed